Strategic Management Consulting


Do you have a Strategic Plan in your Organization?

What is your strategy with respect to your competitors and market change?

Does your strategy guide how you allocate resources?

Is your strategy understandable for your employee and they can execute it?


Together with ZAMSTEC as your Strategic Management Consultant, you will be advised and move through Strategic Processes – from Vision, to Planning, to Implementation – and will achieve Effective Results.


ZAMSTEC Strategic Management Consulting Offers:


  • Strategic Decision Making in High Technology Ventures
  • Strategic Decision for Introducing High Technology Products
  • Balance in Scientific Methods: Yes No MaybeExperimental, Theoretical, Simulation
  • Optimum Budget Planning for Setting up Laboratory
  • Strategic Media Relations, Social Marketing
  • Strategic Visioning and Planning
  • High Tech Investments and Implementation Tools
  • Strategic Technology Acquisitions, Automation
  • Strategic Outsourcing and International Relations
  • Optimum Process Development and Execution


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