Scientific Research Consulting

Custom Studies and Reports in Scientific and Engineering


To understand where to be tomorrow, you need to know where you are today



ZAMSTEC offers professional consulting in multidisciplinary fields in Science and Engineering. This is especially important when you need scientific evidences and analyses to support your decisions, reports or answer specific questions in your projects. That is where we can support you and provide data, objective analysis and comprehensive reports.


ZAMSTEC offers

  • Assistance and guidance on methods of Literature Review and Literature Analysis
  • Networking and research promotion services to individual and organizations
  • Service and assistance in Scientific evaluation method, credibility of data sources
  • Project-based analysis and reports
  • Custom Studies to support Projects, Scientific Publications, Research Proposals and Market Research
  • Scientific Content Writing Services fully customized to your needs


Your Benefits

  • Identifying and Networking of experts inside and outside your organization
  • Promoting international partnerships or collaborations
  • Providing support to decision/policy makers and program/product developers
  • Providing your teams with flexible, customized research systems
  • Custom Presenting, Documenting and Demonstrating results of your research activities
  • Benchmarking and comparing your scientific levels with those of peers
  • Identifying Hype Cycle and trends in your research fields


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