Industrial Consulting

Are you looking for expertise on how to grow your business?

Are you looking for methods to differentiate you from others?

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Simplified Hype CycleWe help you create technical and business excellence through developing and optimizing your research, operation and innovation processes. Our focus is to optimize the quality, required time, and costs of the customer’s projects and to assist you in delivering long lasting technical and business results. Our experts work closely with your team in a hand-on environment to accelerate the learning cycles and optimize the research and innovation.


ZAMSTEC offers

Industrial Consulting

  • Industrial Analysis and Process Optimization
    • Multidisciplinary analyzing of industries and Systems
    • Determining growth opportunities and weakness areas
    • Implementation of Systems Optimization
  • Technology Transfer
    • Partnership in innovative technology adoption
    • Integration of Automation and Mechatronic Systems
  • Ideation and IP management
    • Generate ideas in a structured way that’s right for your business
    • Identify opportunities, develop and test concepts
    • Manage innovation projects, from idea to prototypes
    • Develop IP (Patent and Publications) so your innovations are protected
  • End user driven innovation and new business models
    • Develop new value propositions
    • Deliver easy-to-use good-design products that generate the Wow! Effect
  • Roadmapping & Forecasting
    • Analyzing Hype Cycle
    • Go from ideas to business faster
    • Ensure a balance between new and existing products
    • Future-proof your business
  • Outsourcing
    • Identify outsourcing opportunities and strategy
    • Identify professional outsourcing partners
    • Outsourcing relationship management




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