High Tech Consulting

ZAMSTEC High Tech Consulting


Nowadays, successful companies and professionals are relying on state of the art technologies to achieve commercial and personal goals. This has made high-tech products and services very essential. Many of technology products experience short life cycles, with rapid innovation driving dynamic change. New entrants in business world can quickly replace the existing players. In this extremely dynamic environment, ZAMSTEC helps clients to identify challenges and opportunities, and together with customers we will be able to find and implement optimum solutions to the high tech problems.


ZAMSTEC High tech Consulting offers

  • Design, Analysis and Prototyping of Mechanical, Mechatronic and Physical Systems
    • Custom Robotics and Automation Systems
    • Custom Mechanical Parts
    • Custom Mechatronic and Robot Parts
    • Custom CNC Machines
    • Custom Optics and Photonic Systems
  • Computer Aided Design and Engineering
    • Design Optimization
    • Multi-physics Computer Simulations
    • Software and IT Solutions for special Design and Engineering
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing Systems
    • ¬†Manufacturing and Testing of custom Systems
    • 3D Printers for custom Build Volume
    • 3D Printers for Special Materials


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